Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am sick of being sick!!

I am just plan out sick of being sick!! I have been sick how many times this year? Yeah I can't keep count of it all, between the migraines, sore throat, body aches and pains. AHHH it never ends. I wish the doctors could just figure it out so I can live a happy HEALTHY life.

This sucks!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Vegas baby!!

My family hosted a foreign exchange student from Germany named Lukus. Next year Andrea will be going to Germany to spend a month with Lukus's family. One part of the program is they ask you to take a trip with the student so they can experience something American.
What is more American than Las Vegas?
I went with my mom, Andrea, Lukus the German staying with my family, and Angie a German staying with another family to the bright lights of LAS VEGAS. It was so much fun. It was so interesting to see what they took pictures of, things that I wouldn't give another thought, they thought were very interesting. They were wide eyed the whole time trying to suck it all in. Here are some pictures...

Here are captions for the pictures but I did not want to fight with the program to put them under the picture, so here you go...
Sleeping in the car, Angie Andrea Lukus on Fremont Street, Angie and Lukus at Ceasers Palace, Angie and Lukus looking at the Strip from a far, Angie Lukus Andrea walking (we did a lot of that), It would not be Vegas with seeing a Show Girl, Oh hi that's me, Lukus very full after a buffet, Angie Andrea and Lukus in Arizona looking at the scenery... Wow I hope you can figure it out.

It made me sad that Richard could not go with us because he had to work but we decided that we just need to go together again... Soon!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Richard had to work the night before and the night of Easter but we did have Grandma Batemans Easter lunch with a egg hunt. Richards paternal side of the family is so big and so involved it is so nice. Grandma Bateman goes all out every time and makes it so much fun. We had lunch and I talked Twilight with some cousins, them helped set up for the hunt.

Richard's sister came with all the kids but Kie, they are all so much fun. Vanessa the oldest was having a bad headache and she was complaining of her neck hurting, so of course Richard and I immediately thought of meningitis and told Cristie to take her to the hospital. Richard and I watched the kids and had a blast with them.

All of us after the egg hunt with our tongues out, it was the only way to get them to participate in the picture.

Me and Stink-a-stink with her cheese face.

This is an old picture of Vanessa, but she is so beautiful. After 7 long hours in the hospital and many test, in which she was very brave, it was concluded that she did not have meningitis.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Richard and Work

So Richard loves his new job, and he is so good at it! He has already caught an error the other guy made, fixed paper work and organized the clinic. He is working nights and he said it gets a little boring. There is also a gym that he can work out on so he has been working with the fire guys.

He is working this temp job at Chevron Refinery and when that is over he will work at a off site clinic day shift, but Chevron has already offered him a job on their fire team, and while he is working in the clinic the fire captain told him he can participate in the fires and got him all suited up and all his own gear. It is a lot to take in with all of these job opportunities happening at once, a lot to ponder and think about. The clinic has also offered to put him through Paramedic school but he has to work two years for the company, which isn't bad.

Me and Richards mom Debi are trying to convince Richard that he has a gift with medicine and he should expound on that any way he wants. But he is a boy and loves the the "rush" of fire and being a medic. In fact he told me he got "blue balls" form work the other night because they had a fire and Richard rushed over got all suited, got there and it was put out. He was so sad he did not get to play with fire. Oh boy if our kids get his excitement with fire we are going to need a nice insurance plan!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another Sleepless night

I am at home tonight and surprise surprise I can't sleep. But it is okay I am to reading "Midnight Sun" Edwards side of Twilight. My sister and my aunt were telling me about and I just had to read it! Its awful I know, to read about vampires than sleep, but I love it. Sleep well all!