Saturday, January 31, 2009

Big People Furniture

Richard and I decided to get some grown up furniture so we can start acting like grown ups. I have been wanting a real couch for a while because I have had a futon in the living room for seating for about four years. I have been having some gastric issue and it causes me to sleep sitting up, so we went to buy me a recliner chair so at least I am comfy. Well we found some couches, the one we wanted only came in olive but I didn't want that so we found the next best one. I am so excited to finally have some nice stuff, after all we have been through it is nice to get some thing nice and new.

Here is Richard with our new addition.

The recliner looks really small next to the couch.

Even Phee Phee likes the new couch, she jumped right on and stretched out!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some People

Some thing happened to me at work the other day and I have to tell you about it. There is a committee to help improve the staffs attitude towards the patients and I asked to be on it because I thought working nights this would be a good way to keep in touch with whats going on with the hospital as well as I have some ideas I think would really help things I thought of back 6 months ago when I worked in the ED before they transferred me. Well to make a long dramatic story short I was told that I have to dedicated to the committee and it takes a lot of leadership. Me and leadership... never heard of it!! At first it made me up set but then it just made me laugh that some people can be so ignorant exceptionally to what they don't know. Oh well I like my job, I like working with people and that will never change. Just some people!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are my posts too long?

Are my posts too long? Nobody comments so I am just wondering if any body is reading them? let me know and I will make them shorter if people are more willing to read them. I just have so much to say!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Look what happened to us again... does it ever end?

Before Richard and I got married I warned him about the Powell curse with cars. There is always something wrong with at least one vehicles in the Powell family. I don't think he really believed me until I was in a car accident Jan 2007 when we were dating, Richards truck clutch went out when we were engaged, and now the beginning of 2009 married and we were involved in a car accident. Yep you read right yet another car accident. And this is where I say does it end?? When something good happens it is immediately followed by something tragic. . . like totaling our good car.

Here is the scoop.... Yesterday Friday night Richard was driving and we were the first car stopped at a red light. We were soon rear ended and pushed about three feet into the intersection. A small compact car (cause of the accident) ran into the side of a Jeep Wrangler and the Wrangler ran into us. My wonderful husband jumped out and started to asses the situation. The small car driver did not have her seat belt on and was bleeding from her nose and mouth. She was the only driver injured. Richard jumped to her rescue and immediate maintained C-spine precaution and airway. There was a police officer that showed up and assisted Richard while I was calling 911. The small car also had a 10 year old girl in the back seat that I got out and put her into our car to stay calm and warm. EMS showed up and took over gave Richard props for his job and she was off to the hospital. The driver was actually a neighbors daughter and I knew her parents, so today we went over to see how she was doing and found out that she fractured her face and broke her nose. WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT!!!!

The Car that caused the accident, drivers side.
Where the car hit the Jeep, the Jeep's Axel broke in two.
The scene

Our trunk

Trunk driver side

Trunk passenger side

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Richards first Sunday in the Sunday School Presidency

That Sunday was Richards first Sunday in the presidency. I feel so bad that I was unable to go to church and see him, I was so sick I couldn't move. He was announced in Sacrament and everything. He said he had so much fun with the other Brothers and he is really excited. On our Sunday Sacrament program it has all the people in all the presidencies within our ward printed on it and Richard keeps teasing me saying, "My name is going right there!" He is so darn cute. I am so excited for him and how much of a learning opportunity this is going to be. I am so proud of him!

Up date on Richards health

I am at work and nothing is happening and I have been on the blog probably four times by now flipping through blogs just trying to pass the time. It is funny to see how many people are up this late at night and post! There has been a new post each time I have gone through them. I haven't up dated on Richard's accident in a while so I thought you guys should know that...

Workman's comp has finally settled! YAY, right? It wasn't what we had hoped for. We mostly wanted Richard "fixed" but they are coming back saying they can't find anything wrong with him. Its hard watching him suffer some days more than others, but he is getting strong being off the pain meds. They are paying for 80% of the medical bills and giving him money for the time he has been off. It is not anything exciting but enough to help us move past the accident. Everyone says he should get a lot more money and sue the people that did this to him, but it isn't that easy at all. Unfortunately Utah is a state that works for the companies and not the injured people. I am just thankful that the worst is behind us (I keep my fingers crossed for that one,) and we can move on together!

It has been hard over the last two years and there are so many people to thank for help and support. I feel awful that we haven't gotten out cards or letters to people but with how things were going I didn't have time for sleep. Thank you to all those who said prayers on our behalf and those that put our names in the Temple. It really helped. I am oh so grateful to all our family and friends that helped us out financially when things got tough. It has been a long hard road. Just think this chapter of "Our Story" is almost over and we can start another one. Baby? Finishing school? Moving? Changing? Who knows!!! I am just ready to move on!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas and New Years

I know it is late but we have had a lot going on. So about Christmas... I had to work Christmas Eve night (go figure) but the good thing was I got off at midnight. There was a huge storm headed for northern Utah by 8am so we decided to leave as soon as I got home from work. I still had to pack and we did our presents. Richard gave me some diamond studded earrings and I got him a sonic toothbrush (to understand that read the blog.) It was a small Christmas but we are not in a position to spend much, and plus that doesn't matter much anyway ;-) Well when we left Salt Lake it was nice weather but by the time we hit North Ogden it was crazy bad, and then came Sardine Canyon. It was so scary and we thought that we weren't going to make it. With the brights on we couldn't see more that a yard in front of the car. I am so thankful that Richard is a safe and careful driver!!! We ended up in Logan about 4am and we left about 1:ooish. On Christmas the major storm hit Logan and there was 12inch snow drop once again crazy!!!! We had a nice Christmas and enjoyed spending time with my family.

Then we came to Salt Lake for Sammy's birthday, I worked a few more days and we head back up to Logan for New Years. New Years was fun we spent the first half with the family playing games and the second with friends playing games. Everyone wimped out on me about 4am but I was still up going strong (I work nights). We had a lot of fun playing games with the family and just hanging out. One of my favorite parts was New Years Day we had the family together and my best friends the Trappetts with their two little ones and Sammy's boyfriend Robert and her BF's Melissa and James over and we had tacos and played games all night long. I have such a blast in Logan I can not wait until we locate up there permanently.

Happy New Year all!!!!