Monday, November 23, 2009

Guess who saw New Moon a second time???

Brooke and I got to see New Moon a second time on Friday this time it was a 9:30pm showing so we weren't up all night. Brooke's SIL wanted to see it and was up for the weekend, so we humbly offered to take her. ;) Sammy joined us this time as well as Brooke's cousin. We once again stood in line for about an hour but this time we were in the building.

My second night group Lindsay (Brooke's cousin), Kristina (Brooke's SIL), Brooke, and Sammy, I was taking the picture.

This is our Second time seeing the movie

And their first

Oh and Andrea was working that night, we let her know we were there by telling her we love her and embarrassing her at work (its just something a big sister does.) When we were leaving Andrea was sad because she has only seen it once and I got to see it again.

New Moon

On Thursday night we were planning a girls night out to see New Moon Friday morning. I came up to Logan to be there with my sister Andrea and a bunch of other family and friends. Andrea is so cute because she had been texting me quotes and sending me count downs the week prior. So you could say that this was a big deal... or so we made it that way. On Thursday I went to Brooke's house to get ready and decided that we needed a little something extra for the movie. Just to let you know we got 2:30am tickets so we had a few hours to kill. Me, Brooke, Andrea, Melissa, and Chelsey did our make up CRAZY like for the movie. (a girl only lives once)

Meghann with bright red eye shadow.

Brooke with blue eye shadow, I think it looks good on her!

Chelsey with Orange and Andrea with green. We looked HOTT!!

Me and my BFF

We decided to get in line at 1am for the 2:30 movie, yep I know crazy and yes it was cold but we kept each other warm and our adrenaline was pumping. (I mean come on whose wasn't? Everyone was excited to see Jacob.) By 2am the line was wrapped all the way around the parking lot.

Our group, Melissa, Becca, Donna, Mom, Chelsey, Meghann, Andrea
and Brooke was taking the picture.
Girl Time

Because Andrea was so excited about the movie I wanted to do something a little extra for her. I made our party bracelets, when we wear them we will (hopefully) remember our fun night and the time we spent together.

They opened the doors and started to let us in!!!! I think we had more fun goofing off and making it look like we were obsessed when really we aren't, I promise. It was just a lot of fun to act like it!!!
Oh and the movie is AWESOME!!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Something is going on

I dont know why but for some reason my blog isn't updating on others blog. My friends say I haven't posted since early Oct. I promise I haven't forgotten about the blog just been busy. I will post pics soon.

Monday, November 9, 2009

It Gets Busy and Time Flies

Life gets busy and time flies before we even know it the November is here. Things have still been crazy around here. Richard and I agreed that we are going to work as much as possible right now to try to get our future in order. It hasn't been easy because we never see each other and things around the house get neglected until we have time. But we keep telling ourselves it is all worth it in the end.

Richard is working hard at his job, and enjoying what he does. He puts in long days on his feet in the sun. I have been picking up extra shifts at the hospital as a sitter. I put in long nights on my feet in the same building. Who has got it better or worse?

This weekend we have been home but we were watching our niece Zahara. Boy oh boy she has so much energy. Richard just played with her but I had to "watch" her. It was interesting to watch them together. It was cute.

I have been addicted to Shutterfly. If I download my pictures at home I can work on it where ever I have Internet. It is quite cool. I just the blogs all the time but I cannot comment, I can't get one Facebook or Myspace at work, so shutterfly is all I can do at work when I am bored. plus I am working on a little something for Richard for Christmas, shhh dont tell him ;)

Well I want to let you all know I luv ya!!!!