Monday, November 23, 2009

Guess who saw New Moon a second time???

Brooke and I got to see New Moon a second time on Friday this time it was a 9:30pm showing so we weren't up all night. Brooke's SIL wanted to see it and was up for the weekend, so we humbly offered to take her. ;) Sammy joined us this time as well as Brooke's cousin. We once again stood in line for about an hour but this time we were in the building.

My second night group Lindsay (Brooke's cousin), Kristina (Brooke's SIL), Brooke, and Sammy, I was taking the picture.

This is our Second time seeing the movie

And their first

Oh and Andrea was working that night, we let her know we were there by telling her we love her and embarrassing her at work (its just something a big sister does.) When we were leaving Andrea was sad because she has only seen it once and I got to see it again.


Brooke said...

Oh the joy of being dorks and having a lot of fun! Ready for a 3rd??

Meandering Mel said...

That's so cool you guys went and saw it a second time. :)

Drummdown said...

You guys are so fun. I miss doing things w/ my sisters. I envy you. Plus! You got to see the movie twice. I was lucky to get free to see it the day of.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for going with us. Sorry I was so crazy, I am so not use to going out without my kids and so therefore it is their fault. Blame them NOT me!!! They made me do it!!