Monday, December 14, 2009

My Work Christmas Party

Last Friday I had my work Christmas party and it was amazing. It was help at one of the ER doctors house up on the East bench, the house was breath taking and the view was over the whole valley. It was catered and the food was amazing, there was an open bar with wine (all sorts) and beer, and desert was gelato. AMAZING!!!

It was fun to meet all the significant others to all the people I work with, Richard didn't go because he still has a hard time since he use to work there. So I went with a co-worker James and Crystal (from registration). It was fun, nice and chill, good atmosphere.

Here is me and Crystal

There were awards for the Nurse of the Year, Tech of the Year, Doctor of the Year, Rookie of the Year, etc.. We all had to vote for the past month and the results were given out at the party. To my surprise I won Tech of the Year. My director said I won by a landslide. It makes me feel good that people see me as a good Tech and a good friend. I do believe that the saying "It isn't what you know, but who" comes into effect here. I do like to maintain a good relationship with people at work and I think that is what helped me in the long run. It was funny I wasn't expecting to win at all I was actually thinking about going to the bathroom when they did the awards so I am glad I stayed. When my name was called I must have had a dumbfounded look on my face, everyone clapped and cheered as I went up to get my award (a gift certificate for dinner.)

It was a good night makes me happy to work in the ER and have all the friends I do.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Forgotten Carols

On Dec 5 we went to see the Forgotten Carols with my friend Natalie and her husband Jordan. It was amazing, Michael McLean is so talented. Words can't express how the music touches you. Natalie and Jordan make it a tradition going every year and I think is going to be one that we do as well. It set the spirit of Christmas.

After the show we went to get some dinner (11:30pm) at waffle house, I wish we got some pictures because we were just having fun. Thank you Nat for telling me about the show and staying up late with us!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and an Early B-day for Richard

I didn't get any pictures of Thanksgiving because I was too busy eating good food and talking with family. We spent Thanksgiving with Richards maternal side this year. It was a lot of fun and I just love his family. The only down side to Thanksgiving was his Grandfather is going through Kemo, so he kept himself away from others for health reasons and for those same reasons some of the family stayed away. Although not everyone was there our thoughts were with them. We had a lot of good food and Richard bought an organic turkey from a 4-H group.

After Thanksgiving is BLACK FRIDAY, one of my favorite shopping day. I don't know why it is, but it is a lot of fun the running, dashing, pushing, waiting it makes it all worth while when you get that good deal. I went to Wal Mart mostly to get $2 towels. Yep $2 towels, I went to rush around people and wait in line for an hour for $2 towels. I spent more money that day on towels then anything else, LOL. We now have every color of towel Wal Mart offers. The only problem with waiting to buy towels is I missed out on a present I wanted to get Richard at another store, oh well at least we will be dry!!!

After all the Black Friday shopping Debi (Richards mom, up for Thanksgiving) took us out for a birthday dinner at Joe's Crab Shack, Richards pick. It is a week early for his birthday but Debi was here so it worked out for everyone. Vanessa and Alyssa came too because they had never been there and we went to see New Moon after dinner. Yep that's right I saw New Moon for a third time! Richard was nice enough to go to that movie for his birthday because everyone else wanted to see it.

Me and Richard

Vanessa and Alyssa


Its hard to see but thats me at the New Moon poster for my Third showing.

My family in Logan deiced to post pone their Thanksgiving until Saturday when we could come up and be with them. They also don't do the traditional turkey dinner, this year we had a delicious prime rib. They also celebrated Richards birthday a week early cause we were already up there. In my family we have a tradition of making a birthday banner which we have to get our picture by and Richard had the longest banner we have every made, it went across one whole side of the living room. I couldn't get it all in a picture. He got a dutch oven with all the tools he needs, a camping shovel, Rubbermaid containers (personal joke), a camping ice cream ball (which is really cool) and a Snuggie. I forgot my camera so I used my moms and pictures will come later.

Here is a picture of Richard in his Snuggie, thanks Sammy and Andrea

Monday, November 23, 2009

Guess who saw New Moon a second time???

Brooke and I got to see New Moon a second time on Friday this time it was a 9:30pm showing so we weren't up all night. Brooke's SIL wanted to see it and was up for the weekend, so we humbly offered to take her. ;) Sammy joined us this time as well as Brooke's cousin. We once again stood in line for about an hour but this time we were in the building.

My second night group Lindsay (Brooke's cousin), Kristina (Brooke's SIL), Brooke, and Sammy, I was taking the picture.

This is our Second time seeing the movie

And their first

Oh and Andrea was working that night, we let her know we were there by telling her we love her and embarrassing her at work (its just something a big sister does.) When we were leaving Andrea was sad because she has only seen it once and I got to see it again.

New Moon

On Thursday night we were planning a girls night out to see New Moon Friday morning. I came up to Logan to be there with my sister Andrea and a bunch of other family and friends. Andrea is so cute because she had been texting me quotes and sending me count downs the week prior. So you could say that this was a big deal... or so we made it that way. On Thursday I went to Brooke's house to get ready and decided that we needed a little something extra for the movie. Just to let you know we got 2:30am tickets so we had a few hours to kill. Me, Brooke, Andrea, Melissa, and Chelsey did our make up CRAZY like for the movie. (a girl only lives once)

Meghann with bright red eye shadow.

Brooke with blue eye shadow, I think it looks good on her!

Chelsey with Orange and Andrea with green. We looked HOTT!!

Me and my BFF

We decided to get in line at 1am for the 2:30 movie, yep I know crazy and yes it was cold but we kept each other warm and our adrenaline was pumping. (I mean come on whose wasn't? Everyone was excited to see Jacob.) By 2am the line was wrapped all the way around the parking lot.

Our group, Melissa, Becca, Donna, Mom, Chelsey, Meghann, Andrea
and Brooke was taking the picture.
Girl Time

Because Andrea was so excited about the movie I wanted to do something a little extra for her. I made our party bracelets, when we wear them we will (hopefully) remember our fun night and the time we spent together.

They opened the doors and started to let us in!!!! I think we had more fun goofing off and making it look like we were obsessed when really we aren't, I promise. It was just a lot of fun to act like it!!!
Oh and the movie is AWESOME!!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Something is going on

I dont know why but for some reason my blog isn't updating on others blog. My friends say I haven't posted since early Oct. I promise I haven't forgotten about the blog just been busy. I will post pics soon.

Monday, November 9, 2009

It Gets Busy and Time Flies

Life gets busy and time flies before we even know it the November is here. Things have still been crazy around here. Richard and I agreed that we are going to work as much as possible right now to try to get our future in order. It hasn't been easy because we never see each other and things around the house get neglected until we have time. But we keep telling ourselves it is all worth it in the end.

Richard is working hard at his job, and enjoying what he does. He puts in long days on his feet in the sun. I have been picking up extra shifts at the hospital as a sitter. I put in long nights on my feet in the same building. Who has got it better or worse?

This weekend we have been home but we were watching our niece Zahara. Boy oh boy she has so much energy. Richard just played with her but I had to "watch" her. It was interesting to watch them together. It was cute.

I have been addicted to Shutterfly. If I download my pictures at home I can work on it where ever I have Internet. It is quite cool. I just the blogs all the time but I cannot comment, I can't get one Facebook or Myspace at work, so shutterfly is all I can do at work when I am bored. plus I am working on a little something for Richard for Christmas, shhh dont tell him ;)

Well I want to let you all know I luv ya!!!!


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Walk

Oct 24 I went up to Logan, alone :( Richard was really tired and did not want to travel anymore, to see my family and friends. It has been a long time since I have been able to get back up to Logan so I was very happy to have this opportunity. I went shopping with my mom, was Andreas little Gopher, went to a movie with Sammy and Robert (Paranormal Activity, made my head hurt from being so bouncy and moving all the time), and went to the pumpkin walk with my Parents and bestest buds the Trappetts.

It used to be a tradition in my family that we go to the pumpkin walk together, but as all the kids have grown up it is hard to get everyone together. For those who don't know what the pumpkin walk is... It is put on and supplied by North Logan City. There is a theme every year and people volunteer their time and talents to make "scenes" from pumpkins. It is a lot of fun, we did it a for a few years. Some people go all out and use clay to mold faces onto the pumpkins, and others have professional faces painted on. It is not as big as it use to be and that is okay because it is still there. I want to be able to take my kids to the pumpkin walk, when I have some kids, but it is something from my child hood I will never forget.

Here I am with my parents at the pumpkin walk

Here I am with the Trappetts at the pumpkin walk

And here is one scene so you guys can see what I mean. For this one, someone used clay to mold out the facial features and then painted the pumpkins. It is so much fun to see what people are capable of doing.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Swine Flu

Despite my best effort I got the flu. I don't know where I got it from, because at work I washed my hands a lot, wore my mask, and I even got a flu shot. My family doctor said it is to late for me to get on some special meds to help control the signs and symptoms but he gave me some for Richard.

So now I am in isolation to my bed room for a week. So it just goes to show that you don't know where or from whom you can get it.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I just need to say....

I just need to say to everyone how thankful I am for my husband, family, and my job. There have been a few humbling things happen this week at work, and I just need to let my family and my husband know how much I love them and appreciate them. And also I am very grateful for my job and Richards new job. It is a hard time to find work, as we well know, and I am so grateful that Richard has found a really good job that could support us if needs be. There is nothing like a few experiences that brings you to your knees and helps remind you of how well off you have it even when you think you don't.

Love you all


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Hey every body I got this "FLU KIT" from my mother in law who is a nurse in southern Utah and I think it has a lot of good information that NEEDS to be passed on before the flu season starts. I work in one of the busiest ER in the SLC, and we just had a huge training about the up coming flu season. Most hospitals are having "flu stations," where patients with flu symptoms will not go into the ER and contaminating the others but go somewhere else, the IHC hospitals in the SLC valley are not even letting people get out of their cars, (they are having drive up flu stations.)

There is a lot of good information in this and I have some other tid-bits that I want to share about the flu season. Some of it will be redundant but it is still a lot of good information.
***People are most contagious a day before they start to feel sick, and you will feel sick for 7-10 days. Be courteous to others around you, let them know you are/were sick so they can take the precautions necessary to protect themselves.
*If you feel sick... you have the flu. Most places are not testing for the flu anymore they are just treating everyone as if you have it. But there is no need to panic it is just the flu!
*If you have the flu or signs and symptoms of the flu STAY HOME, even from church, school, outings, anything, anywhere you don't want to pass it on to someone and they get even sicker.

*Children under 5, Pregnant women (in their third trimester), elderly with medical problems, and any person with Respiratory (lungs), Cardiac (heart), Renal (kidney), or Hepatic (liver) issues are at GREATEST RISK. Even though it is said that the elderly people have an immunity to the flu from the 50s, if there is any other health problems that makes them a risk. Pregnant women should contact their doctors immediately if they get sick; and children under 5 should be watched closely.

*This flu virus will live on any surface for up to 5-7 hours, so sanitize and clean everything. There is a recipe below for a cleaner but the store bought Clorox wipes will work too. Don't forget to get places where little kids will touch (low places), toys, door knobs, and any surface touchable :). I would also suggest washing all bedding at first signs of getting sick and as soon as you start to feel better.
*Keep plenty of medicine on hand so you don't have to go out in public to get more. It is a virus so no amount of medicine will get rid of the flu, but it will help with the symptoms and help you feel better even though you are STILL SICK.
*If you have a new baby and as much as you would like to show the baby off to family and friends, DON'T!! Don't take the baby out or let anyone in!! If by some chance you do let them in make them wash (water and soap) their hands and up their arms, use hand sanitizer, and wear a mask. ***If you can get some from your doctor awesome, reuse them don't throw them away, there is a national shortage of mask, and it is better they get sick rather than your baby.*** I don't know if you can by masks at a medical store but I would definitely look into it!

*Can't stress enough again fluid intake, rest, and yes ISOLATION.

and this one is just me ranting....
*Please don't come to the ER if you just feel "sick" or have "flu symptoms", go see your primary care/family doctor or an instant care. There are those special people out there (pregnant, under 5, over 65 and are really really sick) that it may be necessary for them to come to the ER but hopefully they have first tried to call their primary care doctors.

I hope this helps people understand a little bit about the flu situation this year and how to help themselves as well as others. Don't panic, its just the flu!!!

Love you all lots and lots


--------------------FLU KIT--------------------
Disposable Tissues
Liquid soap
Paper Towels
Alcohol gel hand cleaner, with at least 60% alcohol
Tylenol (Acetaminophen) and/ or Ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin)
Fluids for replacement (Gatorade, juices, teas, jello, pedialyte for children, see recipe below)
Cleaner/disinfectant for surfaces (see recipe below)
Masks- regular one for the sick person to wear, one with a plastic eye shield for the person to wear that is caring for the sick person/ child that won't wear the mask.

Phone numbers to keep handy Physician_______________________________ Pharmacy_______________________________
Some one to care for Children_________________

Remember to get your regular prescriptions filled at least 5 days before they run out. You may not be able to get to the pharmacy and getting them 5 days early helps you stock pile a few so you won't have to worry.

Have a plan ready as to who will take care of the kids if school is closed so you can come to work or if your children and or spouse get sick who can care for them so you can work.

Disinfectant for surfaces
One part Bleach to 4 parts water

Electrolyte replacement recipe
2 quarts water
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
7 Tablespoons sugar
May add one packet of sugar free kool-aid for taste. Store in refrigerator. Make homemade Popsicles or ice cubes for variety.


No Saliva
No tears when crying
loose sagging skin
No urination or wet diaper for 12 hours

To keep babies and toddlers hydrated give 5 ml's (one teaspoon) over 5 minutes every 5 minutes for 4 -6 hours, if keeping that down go to 10ml's or (2 teaspoons) every 5 minutes etc.

Give small amounts frequently (Popsicles and flavored ice helps you take fluids in slowly to keep hydrated) or small sips every 10 minutes.

It is thought that a person is contagious with the flu one day before they become ill to up to 7 days after.



Saturday, September 19, 2009

Summer in a nut shell

This summer Richard and I have been trying to squeeze in as much play time as possible. Here is a rundown of the rest summer.

After our anniversary (06-30), was my birthday (07-11), it was low key. We went fishing at Mirror Lake with our neighbors, I just wanted to be outside and I knew Richard would love to go fishing plus our neighbor has been begging Richard to take him out, so we made it a family/friend thing and did it all together on my birthday.

Here is a picture of us at Provo Falls and our neighbors, with their very active two year old. And I love this picture of Richard climbing all over the Provo Falls.

When we picked our spot to fish I just enjoyed getting the sunshine on my face. The little boy wanted to be a big boy and he played with all the fishing poles, dad was out in the water, mom is prego, so me and Richard did what we could to keep him entertained (Good birth control.) Here is the little man "fishing."

Where we were at first, we didn't get anything worth keeping. I caught a little 6incher, oh and the funniest part was the little boy cried and ran away from the fish. It was so funny!! Richard moved us to a different lake where the guys went off fishing and the girls soaked up the sunshine. They guys caught 4 good sized fish so we took them home for dinner. Not too long after thunder heads started to roll in so we had to book it out of there. Once we made it home we went over to our neighbors for the cake and ice cream, (we went over there because our place is so not baby proof!!) It was a very pleasant birthday and although it wasn't with my family (parents and brother were in NY, sisters working in Logan) it was nice to spend it with friends.
Work and School, Work and School, Work and School, Work and School, Work and School...

Weekend 24th of July- We went up to Logan to spend it with my family because it is my parents’ anniversary. They celebrated their 27 year together. To start the day off I went to the Logan parade with my BFFs the Trappetts. As I was watching their kids run after the candy and wave to the pretty girls, and clap for the people, it brought back fond memories. I even caught a piece of candy! I was pretty excited about that.
After the parade we had lunch and then Me and my little sister and my BFF Brooke were running around town trying to find stuff to dressed up Sock Monkeys to go along with a card my little sister found for my parents anniversary. Now the funny thing is my parents were in SLC with Richard at the outdoor expo and on the way home Richard was doing all he could to stall them so we could finish the monkeys and the banner (a Powell family tradition.) It turned out great. The family went to a movie that night but I fell asleep and didn't wake up till the next morning (those sleep deprived people.)

Which the next morning was what I was waiting for all week...(wow how many "w" were in the one line? Never noticed how popular "w" is till now... look I used it again!)... Bear Lake!!!!

Sammy, Richard and I headed up in my car and the Trappetts in theirs. Now I did not think about this until we were there and Sammy said she thought about it, 25th of July everybody off work at the beach... and she wasn't kidding. It was packed, more people than I have ever seen it! We had to go way far south to find a spot and even then some people left and we hurried and took their spot, but it was worth it! The water was warm (once you got over the initial shock) and it was a nice over cast, a light breeze, just beautiful. Oh I loved it! I love the water! We played in the water a good 4-5 hours. But before we headed home we had to stop and say hi to Sammy's man. He works at Bear Lake and we had not had the opportunity to see him yet so we had to stop.

Sunday was spent at home with family, after church we got ready for family dinner which I planned with the Trappetts (whenever I come up they always come over for family dinner,) Navajo Tacos!!!!! It was great everybody loved them, James did an awesome job on the dough. Then we played games and had a blast with each other, makes me miss home with times like that.

Monday we spent with Sammy and Rob (her man), because he was unable to play with us in the water at Bear Lake he wanted to go again and there was no complaining from me. We ate lunch at his restaurant (Thanks Rob) and then went to Minnetonka Cave. While I was on the tour I was trying to remember why I thought hiking 888 stairs (total) in a wet, slippery, cold, smelly cave was fun? Still haven't figured it out other than the company I was with.

After the long exhausting hike, (look at me do I look like I do a lot of aerobic exercise? Despite my want and need to, I don’t for lack of time, working graveyards is time consuming. So to get me outside of running around the ER was quite the work out.) We played in the water!!! Richard and Rob started feeding one Seagull a piece of bread and then pretty soon there were tons of them all yapping at each other because they wanted the next piece. It was a fun and relaxing last day before going back to work and school, and I cannot wait to go back and play in the water before to gets to cold.

And so for the rest of July and so forth into August has been back to the same routine... Work and School, Work and School, Work and School, Work and School, Work and School....

Finals came and went with a breeze but unfortunately I will not be able to go to school this semester L which makes me really sad. I have been picking up lots of shifts at work to make up for that but now there are too many employees that I can’t do that anymore, so I have no clue what I am going to do to pass my time. Richard is doing great with his job, loving it and having fun. He already had to put out a fire! He still has to go on his business trip which he is not looking forward to.

I do want to give a big thank you to my sister-in-law Christie for taking care of the animals while we are way. You are the best to always do that for us, thank you, thank you, thank you a thousand times over. We owe you for it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day

This is Labor Day was chill, we decided at the last minute to go up to Logan. I had to be back Monday by 5pm to get to work, which means that we had to leave Logan by 2:30 at the latest. We weren't sure what we were going to do, it was just nice to get out of SLC.

Monday morning we sat as a family and talked about our option for the day. Richard knew we had a little zoo but he had never been there so we decided to go to Willow Park and have a picnic. It has changed so much from what I remember it as a kid, oh those were the days.

After lunch and Willow Park we went to play miniature golf, and had a blast! It was so much fun. We were laughing with each other at how many times it took us to make it, good old clean fun.

The only down fall to playing golf was the heat, we all got over heated we didn't finish all the holes. We skipped out for ICE CREAM!!!!
It was a great day!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Richards visit with the dreded Dentist

For those of you that don't know Richard hates the dentist, and I mean loathes the dentist. It is quite funny actually. Last year around Christmas he was assisting in a EMT training when he got punched in the mouth by a girl faking a seizure. Because of that he has had to have some extensive and expensive work done on his teeth. Well the dreaded day came (08-06-09) for him to face his fear of the dentist and get a Root Canal..... Oh but some good news is, because his tooth wasn't all the way dead they were able to stop it from turning brown, which means he might not need a cap. But he did get his teeth whitened just in case. For some reason he was mad at me after wards for all the work that he had done, oh well I guess that is the job of the wife.

(Sorry the image is fuzzy it was taken with my phone.)

The bleach is actually green so they can see it when it goes on. Funny huh?

Makes his mouth look nasty, but to think it is making it look better.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One in a Million

I picked up my dad from the air port and took him half way home so my mom did not have to drive all the way to SLC to get him. While we were waiting we called Richard and talked to him about his new job, this was before he started. Richard has basically one phobia and that is flying. He gets nervous just going to the air port, watching plans in the sky, and even talking about flying. With his new job he will have to go to Oregon a few times for speciality training, he asked them if he could take a bus or a train but they said he is flying.

So as my dad and I were talking to Richard about flying and my dad said, "Only one in a million planes crash, and it is safer to fly than to drive."

Richards quick come back was, "Yeah and only one in a million people accidentally get defibulated also!"

My dad and I just laughed and said there was no come back for that one, he was right. So we will see if my honey really is One in a Million.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Richard has a job!!!

I haven't posted for a while because of work, and then finals but one thing I really wanted to let everyone know is RICHARD GOT A JOB!!!!!

Not just any job an amazing job which is a huge blessing. He will be an EMT for the company ATI, he will be in charge of teaching/training the other EMTs, firefighters, and HAZMAT. It is a salary job with benefits and he only has to work three 12 hour shifts a week. This was an answer to many countless prayers. This will help us move on with our lives in ways we never could have imagined. He starts Aug 17 with training and will have to go to Oregon for training.

Sorry it has taken so long to let you all know. Thank you for all the prayers on our behalf and all the help that people have given to us, it has not been forgotten.

Love you all


Sunday, July 19, 2009


Over the last couple of weeks I have been going to all my doctors doing the check up thing, I do it around my birthday so I always remember when I last went. My Neurologist had me get an Echo cardiogram (ultrasound of the heart) to see if I have anything wrong causing my migraine, which is still an unsolved mystery. My primary and I decided to try different things for my joints; because I feel like my Rheumatoidologist doesn't know what to do or just doesn't want to do it, (can't seem to figure that one out, mom you know what I mean.) He wants me to have and MRI done. I still need to see my Gynecologist to discuss the dreadful cramps and lumpy breast tissue (I am to the point I think I want a biopsy done.)

Which brings me to the most devastating new I have received in all the appointments, it was at the dentist. I have four cavities!!! Two are old fillings "leaking" and he said weren't my fault because ever couple of years they need a tone up but two are new and thus my fault. I was so sad I almost started to cry, but my dentist is the best and he made me feel better. He and the assistant were making me laugh (or rather snorting because I had hands in my mouth so laughing was a little hard) so hard while they were filling my cavities I had to have them stop so I could catch my breath. We came to the conclusion it is because of all the soda I drink at work at night. So because of the horrifying news I am no longer drinking soda and so far so good. I just hope it can last!!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Relationship Tag

Sarah tagged me with this way back in April. I've been so busy I've neglected to read the blogs. Sorry!

1. What are your middle names? Amanda, my dad wanted to name me Amanda so my nik name would be Mandy but my mom convinced him otherwise. Richard Scott after his dad.

2. How long have you been together? March 2006 in the magical PVH ER.

3. How long did you know each other before you started dating? Right away. He thought I was pretty cute and I thought he was pretty cute. He dated a lot and nothing was serious until about May.

4. Who asked who out? Richard asked me out first although I called him first.

5. How old are you? Almost 29 and I just turned 24

6. Whose siblings do you see the most? I would say it is pretty equal, his live in the SLC valley but we really don't see them a lot, and mine are up in Logan so when we go to see them we stay for a while. It pretty much equals out.

7. Do you have any children together? Oh heck no, totally not ready!!!!

8. Pets? In our childhoods each of us has had a hefty number mostly cats. His childhood favorite would be a dog BJ. My childhood would be Oreo when he wasn't king of the castle next to my dad and Perky a parakeet we had for many years, ate at the table with us and acted like part of the family. Now together it would be our babies Boots, Phee Phee, and the Twins (Princess of Whale Parakeets)

9. Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple? Life in general right now. It has not been easy for us.

10. Did you go to the same school? Nope

11. Are you from the same town? Nope

12. Who is the smartest? Depends on the topic. Richard with medicine, me other.

13. Who is the most sensitive? Outwardly-mostly Richard, Inwardly-mostly me.

14. Where do you eat out most as a couple? Anywhere we don't have a favorite place.

15. Where is the farthest you have traveled as a couple? Las Vegas

16. Who has the craziest exes? Most definitely Richard

17. Who has the worst temper? Me for sure, because I say what is on my mind whenever, where ever, to whom ever. Life isn't sugar coated so I give it as I see it. If the person has their feelings hurt, sorry its life!

18. Who does the cooking? I would say mostly him because I am working and going to school and he is home more often.

19. Who is more social? Richard

20. Who is the neat freak? Me when the OCD kicks in, got it from my mom.

21. Who is more stubborn? Richard for sure

22. Who hogs the bed? Me, I am all over it.

23. Who wakes up earlier? Me, Richard is not a morning person at all!!!!

24. Where was your first date? Dinner and a movie, but we hung out a lot at different places.

25. Who has the bigger family? He has a huge extended family

26. Do you get flowers often? No waist of money right now. Although he has surprised me with some wild flowers

27. How do you spend the holidays? At home with family.

28. Who is more jealous? Oh him, he gets mad when I talk to a guy or talk about a guys.

29. How long did it take to get serious? Three months, he came over and never left.

30. Who eats more? Me, Richard hardly eats at all.

31. Who does the laundry? me.

32. Who is better with the computer? Me, when I was younger I did an internship at a computer place building and setting up computers.

33. Who drives when you are together? Always him. He says I am a scary driver, but I keep my eyes close most of the time when he drives.

I tag Brooke, Natalie, Megan, and all my cousins

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


For Christmas my sister in law got Richard and I a gift certificate for pictures. The day it expires was also our anniversary, so we got all "dolled" for the pictures and then went out for dinner. The photographer Vikkie was great, she was funny and kept things moving.

Here are the results....

I do have to say it went really fast and we didn't have many choices to choose from but I think they turned out ok. Richard is smiling, I know it doesn't look like it but that is he smile. Anyway I hope you enjoy!