Sunday, August 23, 2009

Richards visit with the dreded Dentist

For those of you that don't know Richard hates the dentist, and I mean loathes the dentist. It is quite funny actually. Last year around Christmas he was assisting in a EMT training when he got punched in the mouth by a girl faking a seizure. Because of that he has had to have some extensive and expensive work done on his teeth. Well the dreaded day came (08-06-09) for him to face his fear of the dentist and get a Root Canal..... Oh but some good news is, because his tooth wasn't all the way dead they were able to stop it from turning brown, which means he might not need a cap. But he did get his teeth whitened just in case. For some reason he was mad at me after wards for all the work that he had done, oh well I guess that is the job of the wife.

(Sorry the image is fuzzy it was taken with my phone.)

The bleach is actually green so they can see it when it goes on. Funny huh?

Makes his mouth look nasty, but to think it is making it look better.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One in a Million

I picked up my dad from the air port and took him half way home so my mom did not have to drive all the way to SLC to get him. While we were waiting we called Richard and talked to him about his new job, this was before he started. Richard has basically one phobia and that is flying. He gets nervous just going to the air port, watching plans in the sky, and even talking about flying. With his new job he will have to go to Oregon a few times for speciality training, he asked them if he could take a bus or a train but they said he is flying.

So as my dad and I were talking to Richard about flying and my dad said, "Only one in a million planes crash, and it is safer to fly than to drive."

Richards quick come back was, "Yeah and only one in a million people accidentally get defibulated also!"

My dad and I just laughed and said there was no come back for that one, he was right. So we will see if my honey really is One in a Million.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Richard has a job!!!

I haven't posted for a while because of work, and then finals but one thing I really wanted to let everyone know is RICHARD GOT A JOB!!!!!

Not just any job an amazing job which is a huge blessing. He will be an EMT for the company ATI, he will be in charge of teaching/training the other EMTs, firefighters, and HAZMAT. It is a salary job with benefits and he only has to work three 12 hour shifts a week. This was an answer to many countless prayers. This will help us move on with our lives in ways we never could have imagined. He starts Aug 17 with training and will have to go to Oregon for training.

Sorry it has taken so long to let you all know. Thank you for all the prayers on our behalf and all the help that people have given to us, it has not been forgotten.

Love you all