Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I told everyone that I would update the blog on what is going on. As of right now Richard and I are separated. We need to work some things out to see where we end up together as a couple. I appreciate your patience and respect at this time.
I will up date as appropriate.
Oh and my brother Dylan left for his mission May 5. We love him very much and miss him lots and lots, but we know he will be a wonderful missionary.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

All good things must come to a end...

There will be more to come!

Please don't ask me a lot of questions
everything will come out in time.

Thank you for all your help and prayers.

Please just give me some time.

God bless


Monday, February 22, 2010

I survived layoffs!!!

The hospital has been over staffed so they said there were going to be layoffs 2 nurses and 2 techs. We were all told no one would be safe (meaning seniority.) I was nervous because I do not get along with one of our bosses, so I have been on pins and needles for the last week. Well it was posted this morning and I was not on the list of layoffs!!! Hooray for me survived my first layoff scare!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

One night at work

Richard was bored one night at work and decided to google himself. To his surprise what can up was information on one of his fights. He made and MMA fight list! For all those people out there that haven't believed him here is the proof.

This was his last fight were he was up against a guy two weight classes above him, (that is a huge difference in fighting.) He did end up losing because he broke his own ribs while twisting his opponent in a lock. The other fighter was about to tap when Richard did, sad story but I am so proud of him.

For all you nonbelievers look it up...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I found my cord!!

I finally found my cammera cord and can down load Christmas pictures. I dont know if any one is still interested in them so I will post just a few of my favorites. Love ya all!!!!

Christmas Night

Boots looking what is in side my stocking.

Phee Phee in her chair, she loves that chair.

I hate it but I can't get rid of it because Phee Phee is always in it!

In my family its tradition to have your picture taken with all your presents.

He wanted a real bull dog

Family presents

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What a season

I know it has been a while but this holiday season has been crazy. I have tons of pictures I want to post but I don't know where my cord is to down load any of the photos! The holidays were both good and bad. I got the flu during Christmas and Ricard had to work. We were able to have Christmas morning together and it was a lot of fun. This was the first year we could actually get each other and our family something. Richard and I spoiled each other and we had plenty of gag gifts.

For New Years, Richard had to work, luckily it was the day shift, we spent the evening with Richards aunt and uncle and cousins. We played games, ate snacks and had fun with family. We also got to watch Zahara for New Years and watched her for a few days. She is so cute and a lot of fun to babysit, but she is also good birth control :)

I am still at the hospital in the emergency room working graveyards. I love working there because I learn so much each time. I have worked in the ER for a year and half and have always let the stronger persons do compressions for CPR, well I finally had my turn. I have been in plenty of codes but have always done the running, this time it was me, a nurse and a firer fighter. The nurse got some meds out, I called the alarm while the firer fighter did compressions. It is very exhausting doing CPR and the firer fighter needed a rest, I had no choice but to jump in. I was nervous because I don't feel that I have enough strength to do a good job, that is why I let the strong people do it rather than me, but I jumped in and did the best I can. I am also back in school this semester and I am so happy for that, I have been going crazy without it.

Richard is finally on shift at ATI, which means he has a very set schedule with both days and nights. Because the company is just starting up there are a lot of quirks, which means accidents, which equals a very busy Richard. He has already used his ambulance, his HazMAT stuff, and fire equipment. I think it is safe to say that he is in his element at work.

We want to let everyone know we are both doing well, and our life is going to get really busy again this year. But it is on purpose, so sorry to all our friends and family if you don't hear much from us. We have high hopes for this year. . . So bring it on!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

My Work Christmas Party

Last Friday I had my work Christmas party and it was amazing. It was help at one of the ER doctors house up on the East bench, the house was breath taking and the view was over the whole valley. It was catered and the food was amazing, there was an open bar with wine (all sorts) and beer, and desert was gelato. AMAZING!!!

It was fun to meet all the significant others to all the people I work with, Richard didn't go because he still has a hard time since he use to work there. So I went with a co-worker James and Crystal (from registration). It was fun, nice and chill, good atmosphere.

Here is me and Crystal

There were awards for the Nurse of the Year, Tech of the Year, Doctor of the Year, Rookie of the Year, etc.. We all had to vote for the past month and the results were given out at the party. To my surprise I won Tech of the Year. My director said I won by a landslide. It makes me feel good that people see me as a good Tech and a good friend. I do believe that the saying "It isn't what you know, but who" comes into effect here. I do like to maintain a good relationship with people at work and I think that is what helped me in the long run. It was funny I wasn't expecting to win at all I was actually thinking about going to the bathroom when they did the awards so I am glad I stayed. When my name was called I must have had a dumbfounded look on my face, everyone clapped and cheered as I went up to get my award (a gift certificate for dinner.)

It was a good night makes me happy to work in the ER and have all the friends I do.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Forgotten Carols

On Dec 5 we went to see the Forgotten Carols with my friend Natalie and her husband Jordan. It was amazing, Michael McLean is so talented. Words can't express how the music touches you. Natalie and Jordan make it a tradition going every year and I think is going to be one that we do as well. It set the spirit of Christmas.

After the show we went to get some dinner (11:30pm) at waffle house, I wish we got some pictures because we were just having fun. Thank you Nat for telling me about the show and staying up late with us!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and an Early B-day for Richard

I didn't get any pictures of Thanksgiving because I was too busy eating good food and talking with family. We spent Thanksgiving with Richards maternal side this year. It was a lot of fun and I just love his family. The only down side to Thanksgiving was his Grandfather is going through Kemo, so he kept himself away from others for health reasons and for those same reasons some of the family stayed away. Although not everyone was there our thoughts were with them. We had a lot of good food and Richard bought an organic turkey from a 4-H group.

After Thanksgiving is BLACK FRIDAY, one of my favorite shopping day. I don't know why it is, but it is a lot of fun the running, dashing, pushing, waiting it makes it all worth while when you get that good deal. I went to Wal Mart mostly to get $2 towels. Yep $2 towels, I went to rush around people and wait in line for an hour for $2 towels. I spent more money that day on towels then anything else, LOL. We now have every color of towel Wal Mart offers. The only problem with waiting to buy towels is I missed out on a present I wanted to get Richard at another store, oh well at least we will be dry!!!

After all the Black Friday shopping Debi (Richards mom, up for Thanksgiving) took us out for a birthday dinner at Joe's Crab Shack, Richards pick. It is a week early for his birthday but Debi was here so it worked out for everyone. Vanessa and Alyssa came too because they had never been there and we went to see New Moon after dinner. Yep that's right I saw New Moon for a third time! Richard was nice enough to go to that movie for his birthday because everyone else wanted to see it.

Me and Richard

Vanessa and Alyssa


Its hard to see but thats me at the New Moon poster for my Third showing.

My family in Logan deiced to post pone their Thanksgiving until Saturday when we could come up and be with them. They also don't do the traditional turkey dinner, this year we had a delicious prime rib. They also celebrated Richards birthday a week early cause we were already up there. In my family we have a tradition of making a birthday banner which we have to get our picture by and Richard had the longest banner we have every made, it went across one whole side of the living room. I couldn't get it all in a picture. He got a dutch oven with all the tools he needs, a camping shovel, Rubbermaid containers (personal joke), a camping ice cream ball (which is really cool) and a Snuggie. I forgot my camera so I used my moms and pictures will come later.

Here is a picture of Richard in his Snuggie, thanks Sammy and Andrea

Monday, November 23, 2009

Guess who saw New Moon a second time???

Brooke and I got to see New Moon a second time on Friday this time it was a 9:30pm showing so we weren't up all night. Brooke's SIL wanted to see it and was up for the weekend, so we humbly offered to take her. ;) Sammy joined us this time as well as Brooke's cousin. We once again stood in line for about an hour but this time we were in the building.

My second night group Lindsay (Brooke's cousin), Kristina (Brooke's SIL), Brooke, and Sammy, I was taking the picture.

This is our Second time seeing the movie

And their first

Oh and Andrea was working that night, we let her know we were there by telling her we love her and embarrassing her at work (its just something a big sister does.) When we were leaving Andrea was sad because she has only seen it once and I got to see it again.