Monday, December 14, 2009

My Work Christmas Party

Last Friday I had my work Christmas party and it was amazing. It was help at one of the ER doctors house up on the East bench, the house was breath taking and the view was over the whole valley. It was catered and the food was amazing, there was an open bar with wine (all sorts) and beer, and desert was gelato. AMAZING!!!

It was fun to meet all the significant others to all the people I work with, Richard didn't go because he still has a hard time since he use to work there. So I went with a co-worker James and Crystal (from registration). It was fun, nice and chill, good atmosphere.

Here is me and Crystal

There were awards for the Nurse of the Year, Tech of the Year, Doctor of the Year, Rookie of the Year, etc.. We all had to vote for the past month and the results were given out at the party. To my surprise I won Tech of the Year. My director said I won by a landslide. It makes me feel good that people see me as a good Tech and a good friend. I do believe that the saying "It isn't what you know, but who" comes into effect here. I do like to maintain a good relationship with people at work and I think that is what helped me in the long run. It was funny I wasn't expecting to win at all I was actually thinking about going to the bathroom when they did the awards so I am glad I stayed. When my name was called I must have had a dumbfounded look on my face, everyone clapped and cheered as I went up to get my award (a gift certificate for dinner.)

It was a good night makes me happy to work in the ER and have all the friends I do.


Natalie Resch said...

Awe, you're an awesome worker! You shouldn't be so surprised. You're awesome!

The Bradshaw's said...

You so deserve that award!! I miss you guys a ton and keep bugging Janice to come and work a shift or two!

Drummdown said...

Natalie is right. At least, I'm not surpised that you had won that award. You are great in what ever you do!!! It does help to be recognized though, huh? LOL :D

Meandering Mel said...

That is fantastic. Good work Megs!!!